Monday, October 3, 2011

We have a winner!

The lucky winner of our Spring party competition is the very lovely Tanya from Life's Little Celebrations!!

Tanya was inspired to throw an afternoon tea to celebrate her very own birthday. She purchased our "Garden" fill in invitations and received the matching printable files FREE!

Here are some photos Tanya sent me of the gorgeous celebration she put together.

To find out which other suppliers Tanya used have a look here.

Tanya has won a custom designed invitation and party accessory set to be designed within the next 6 months.

Congratulations Tanya, look forward to working with you!!


Thursday, September 1, 2011


Spring is my favourite time of year :)

The days are getting warmer and longer.
The air feels fresh.
Flowers are blooming.
There are new little leaves appearing on trees.
People smile more :)

People also throw more parties and it is the start of "wedding season".

Put my love of spring and the fact that I design products for parties and weddings together and I figure it's time to CELEBRATE! For the month of September I have some great deals for YOU!!


We are talking spring here and I just happen to have a gorgeous theme in my kid's party range called garden bee! Could it 'bee' (he, he) more appropriate!!

The great thing about this invite, as with most of my themes, is that it can absolutely be used for adult parties too!
For the month of September with every purchase of invitations from this range here, I will also include a FREE printable for the matching party accessories!!!

So what about the boys I hear some of you say ;) Well the same deal applies to our Dinosaur range too!! Buy our Dinosaur invites here...

...and you will receive the great printables!

But wait, there is more!!! How about if you buy invitations from our Circus range here.... will also get these!!! ;)

Hang on though, what about a baby shower? Luckily I have a theme here that is PERFECT! Purchase these "blooming" babyshower invites in pink, blue or orange....

...and you will receive these printables!!

Printable files will be personalised for you and sent to you as a PDF file.


You may be purchasing these invitations to use in future. Cool :)

However if you happen to throw (or stage....) a party using the invites and printables from these one of these four themes.... and you happen to take some photos.....and then you send them to,  you could win yourself a FREE custom designed party by me with invites and accessories, to be used anytime in the next 12 months!!!!

So what are you waiting for!!! Get planning!!!! If you are reading this thinking "but we don't have any birthdays in September" I say throw a party just for the sake of it!! Why not? Or if you don't want a real party, stage one, maybe as practice for the real thing later on?

If you purchase the garden bee range I think it is the PERFECT excuse to host a garden party for YOUR girlfriends!!! High tea... flowing dresses... hats....cakes....fruit.....champagne....

OR a tea party for you child/ren and two or three of their friends/cousins??

Terms and conditions: (there aren't many!)

• You must have bought the invitations and received the printables during September 2011.
• Your photos must show the printables being used.
• You can enter more than once but only once per theme. So you could buy all four themes and enter four times with pics of four parties. 
• All photos must be received by September 30th 2011. 
• Photos can be emailed to
• Photos will be showcased on my Facebook page in an album named "SPRING has SPRUNG entries". 
• I, Jennifer Birkhead, will be judging and decision made is final.
• These is no criteria as such but I will be looking for innovative ways to represent these themes and ways to use the printables.
• Winner will be announced here on the blog on October 3rd.
• Winner will be able to chose whatever theme they want for their custom designed prize and the pack will include invitations, thank you tags, bunting, party circles, food labels, drink labels and up to 3 other accessories chosen by the winner. All stationery will be supplied printed and posted to the winner.
• Prize to be used by September 2012.


Spring has long been the season that symbolises of new life. If you are celebrating new life by ordering any of our birth announcements here you will also receive an A4 print, to match, featuring your beautiful baby with their name and birth stats for you to frame and display, perhaps in the nursery :)


Spring is also the start of "Wedding Season", so it seems more than appropriate that if you make a wedding stationery order from here any time during September you will receive 10% of your total order! This offer applies to all of our standard range on the website AND any custom orders! For custom design for your wedding please email me at jennifer@jenniferbirkheaddesign for a quote.

To receive this discount you must place your order and make payment during September 2011. It does not matter if your wedding isn't until 2012, we don't need to have final details for invitations. As long as the order is made and paid for in September 2011, you can finalise design, details and printing closer to your wedding date.

Which will you chose? Here are just a few...

So there you have it, my SPRING has SPRUNG deals :) I hope that you are able to take advantage of one or many of them. Please share them with all you friends, let's ALL celebrate!!!


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Squeak, squeak!

As some of you know, the theme for my youngest daughter's 2nd birthday was chosen due to her obsession with cheese :) It seemed only natural to have a cheese and mice themed party.
I based the invite and the colour theme on a cute mouse toy we found and came up with this invite.

 Party day came and unfortunately us Birkheads were not very well, especially April's older sister Ella, poor luv.  However, having already done all the prep work, we gave guests the choice of whether they still wanted to come and decided we would still celebrate ourselves :) Hope you enjoy the photos :)

Here is the cute mouse toy.

 My girls and I. April's mouse ears are actually bear ears and we got them from Design Child. I couldn't resist as they even had little flowers on the inside of the ears like the toy!

The girls and their cousins, all dressed in theme ;) The dress up shoes were a gift that was opened and HAD to be worn straight away. They remained on for the rest of the party, despite the fact that April had some VERY cute red shoes to match her dress ;)

The yummies.

Jaffas and jelly beans supplied by Perth Lolly Buffets

The favour bags all contained a stuffed mouse toy, mouse chocolate, pink heart chocolate and then were filled with lollies from the table before guests went home.

 Mummy, Daddy and April

 And one with our big girl too :)

 Dancing in her new (mismatched) dress up shoes

 Lanterns from the lovely Occasion by Design , who is also a stockist of ours :)

 Fabulous prop given to me by the ever sweet Lilian from Lily Chic Events.

When the birthday girl's middle name is Rose there really is no other choice ;)

We had a lovely afternoon, slightly low key and still fabulous, cheese munching, squeaktastic fun!


Thursday, June 2, 2011

Roll up, Roll up!

I have been talking about my daughter Ella's 5th birthday Circus Extravaganza for a long while now. Two weeks ago it all happened!
Wanted to take the opportunity here to share with you some (ok, LOTS of) photos and share with you the wonderful suppliers.

The photos are nothing short of AMAZING! My gorgeous friend Deanna Whyte of Deanna Whyte Photography did an wonderful job of not only capturing all the elements that I put together for the party but also all the little "moments" that made it so special - this is what Deanna specialises in ;)

It all started about a year ago, when discussing themes for her 5th birthday party (about 5 minutes after her 4th birthday party was over LOL!). Circus was decided upon pretty early and Ella was also very definite about her costume. She wanted to be a bareback horse rider, complete with feathers and tu tu!

Lucky for me, one her dancing costumes fitted the bill perfectly! All I had to do was make some gloves and a headband to match. Okay, so I'm biased, but gosh she's beautiful..... :)
(Those amazing huge balloons came from Little Sooti and really helped set the scene!)

Now I just happen to have a Circus themed invitation in my range which was perfect for Ella's party as we wanted lots of bright colours. I customised the invite and created a few more matching applications including a ticket that the kids had to bring with them to be admitted to the circus and an RSVP postcard to be posted back that not only had whether or not they could attend but also a tick box menu for what they wanted for lunch.

I really wanted to create the look and feel of a real circus for the kids. I believe in making kids parties a real experience for them, one that amazes and involves them the whole time. I guess that's why I like themes and dressing up so much (have a look at Ella's 4th birthday here). Kids' imaginations are AMAZING and dressing up and decorating the party space can really transport them to a magical place.
With this in mind I thought my parents outdoor entertaining area was the perfect venue as I could envisage it set up as a circus. What wonderful parents I have....I don't think I actually even asked them...more 'informed' them that Ella's party would be held there!! Rather cheeky really!! Being ever supportive, loving, caring parents/grandparents, they let me take over their house, helped with set up, all throughout the party and with pack up. THANK YOU Mum and Dad!!!!!!! That's them dancing in the pic below ;)

 Wanting to create a sense of going to a real circus, when the children arrived and handed over their ticket, they stayed inside, in the "holding area". Ella greeted them and opened her presents and they received their name badge and met our clown (AKA - Ella's Daddy!).

My other gorgeous daughter :)

When everyone had arrived it was time to enter THE CIRCUS! Ella lead them through the red curtains and they all took a seat - a cushion.

After I - the Ringmaster - had welcomed the children to circus and introduced them to our clown, he entertained while I got lunches organised.

For lunch I decided that instead of encroaching on the arena space with tables and chairs we would carry the theme of a real circus through by using lunch boxes (bought from Candy Soirees) all labeled with the kids' names, containing the selection from the RSVP/menu postcard which included either real chicken nuggets, mini hot dog or ham and cheese sandwich, a water or juice and a baking cup filled with plain crisps.

They kids ate these while they watched the show, which after the clown, included a dance by my very talented cousin Kayla who then got the kids up to have a dance themsleves!

Then it was time for popcorn and fairy floss supplied by Taylor'd Events  and what was even nicer about this was that proceeds went to charity! Must admit, this REALLY made it seems like a special circus, great novelty for the kids!

 Snacks in hand, they were ready for the next performance, a magic show featuring my sweet brother in law, AKA Chrisarbo the GREAT!

Had to included this one... it's Ella's reaction when she asked Chrisabo the GREAT how he knew which card she had and he said his owl (a stuffed toy prop) told him, her reply, "Well that's not really magic is it!" - cheeky monkey!!!

Then it was onto bubbles, dancing, puppet shows, games and prizes - individual packaged and pinned up on a prize board.

Then dress ups in the photo booth!!!

Time for SWEETS!!!!! We had star cookies, marshmallow big top pops, cake pops, fruit sticks and clown cupcakes all made by moi ;) Clown cakes are from Martha Stewart - here :) Then Clown noses (jaffas), monkey treats (bananas), smarties and rainbow strips to fill personalized lollies bags with and take home. These were all housed on a canopied table, constructed by our very cleverr resident clown - AKA Daddy ;)

One of the highlights of this table was the AMAZING cake created for me by Custom Cake Designs. I mean seriously, how cute is the mini Ella?? Not only did it look amazing but that was one YUMMY Chocolate Mud cake inside there!!

It was a HUGE day with LOADS of fun had by all, especially my gorgeous girl Ella, which of course is the most important thing :) The kids all took home a clown nose, bubbles, their lolly bags and whatever prizes they won in their lunch box and also their cushion.

I would like to finish off by saying a big thank you once again to:

My Family....
My Mum and Dad (and bro Matt!) - I promise never to take over your house again!
My husband AKA Clown - really appreciate how into character you got xx
My cousin Kayla (and Auntie Andrea!) - fabulous, talented and next time I will confirm the address!
My brother in law AKA Chrisarbo the GREAT - magician extraordinaire, your bag of tricks was so very appreciated!!

My suppliers whose amazing talents and products made the party what it was..