Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beatrix Potter Easter fun

Last weekend something VERY exciting happened. My friend Lilian from Lily Chic Events had her Beatrix Potter inspired Easter party shoot featured on none other than Amy Atlas. So well deserved as it was a very sweet party shoot and extra exciting for me as I designed the paper printables that went along with it :)

Have a look at some of the gorgeous pics captured by Coco by Miss Jane.

Some of my favourite part of the party were the clever use of garden forks as card holders, the cheese box and the threaded ribbon as a table cloth to replicate the gingham of the printables I designed. Oh and the food!!! How yummy does it look! Lil even managed to find a table cloth for the dessert table that match the printables perfectly!!

Well done Lil, honoured to be involved :)

If you are interested in any the printables featured here (including Easter cards, food labels, straw flags, lolly pop labels, chocolate wrappers) please send my an email to



  1. Oh wow this is just out of this world .... love every single detail and JEN your labels and choc bar wrappers are just amazing.....well done on the AA feature, well deserved xxxx

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