Monday, March 28, 2011

Behind the scenes

I had the huge honour of having my Vintage High Tea featured on Bump Smitten last week. Let me tell you, if you are looking for some great baby shower inspiration this is THE site to visit!!

It has prompted me to do a follow up post on behind the scenes of this party,
as well as an update on the baby in question - Just a bit of fun :)

When I arrived at my friend's Mum's house, where the party was being held, I had the luxury of being greeted by this wonderful array of real vintage crockery, platters, cutlery etc, all available for our use!!! My eyes lit up!!!

The very gorgeous Linda from Shoot4U captured the whole thing for me just beautifully, as you will see in the links to my original and the Bump smitten post above. This was a quick snap I shot while we were setting up, it's blurry, sorry darl! That is why YOU are the photographer!!! LOL!


 We had lighting issues due to the shadows cast by the gorgeous tree we set up underneath so I became photographer assistant and held the umbrella in place while Linda snapped her magic.
Tell you what, lucky I lift weights, that thing was heavy! LOL!

The Mummy to be in question, my gorgeous friend Sarah.
We became friends in first year uni whilst studying graphic design together and, along with 5 others from our course, we remain very special and close friends. Referring to each other as "The Uni girls" we have shared it all...romances, break ups, uni assignments, graduation, first jobs, climbing the ladder, engagements, weddings, first homes, travel, sickness, grieving, pregnancies and now parenthood.
All with lots of love, cake, tears, coffee, wine, dancing, hugs, dinners, breakfasts, lunches, all with hand holding and support.


The star of the show, the apple that was, is now a gorgeous little boy!
Tobias Linton Waddle, we love him very much! xxx