Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tonight's the night

So, we are a month in to 2011 already!

It will probably come as no surprise to you that I am a HUGE Biggest Loser fan so am super excited that it starts tonight :)

Love it or hate it this show CHANGES PEOPLE'S LIVES - for the better!
You may not agree with how they go about it, after all it is a TV show, it isn't real life.
But what is real are the results. 

I'm not talking about how much weight these people lose, I'm talking about what they gain. Self esteem, confidence, self love, healthier bodies AND healthier attitudes.
They can move freely, they can play with their kids/grandkids, they can LIVE THEIR LIFE and probably live for longer too. They get an education on how to live a HEALTHY life and how to make healthy CHOICES. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? I'm guessing they would all say yes!

If they can do it, so can YOU. You don't need a TV show, you just need the will to want it  and the determination to see it through :)

4 ways to help change your thinking

1) How and what. It would be wrong to say it is as simple as "Move more and eat less". That is the basics of it, but HOW you should move and WHAT you should be eating less of is important. If we are honest most of us know the answers to these. If you don't though - find out! Knowledge is POWER.

2) Be aware and be prepared.  If you have set back don't give up, accept and MOVE ON! It's not going to happen over night, or maybe as fast as it does on the Biggest Loser, because this is life, not a TV show. Is that really a reason not to start though? Or continue on your healthy path?

3) Replace old habits with new healthier ones. You can break OLD habits and form NEW ones to make a POSTIVE change in your life. If you can do this for your health, you will see change in other areas of your life too - for the better.

4) Don't HIDE the treats. This is something that Michelle (one of the Biggest Loser trainers) said last season that has stuck with me. It's one for all us parents. I am big on setting an example for my kids but even this struck a cord with me. 
She talked about how it is important to a lot of us make sure our kids/families eat healthy meals and snacks yet when the kids are in bed, the "treats" come out. The chips, lollies, cakes, chocolate, alcohol etc... She went on to say if you are concerned about healthy eating for your kids and "hide" these treats because you wouldn't want them to eat them, why are YOU?
I saw myself in this. It's certainly not an every night thing but it happens.
There must always be a balance and I believe that these "treats" are fine when they are a "sometimes" food. For me and the kids. My kids now don't have lollies/chocolate during the week and may have a small amount on the weekend. I don't call the treats "bad" or "fattening", it's just a "sometimes" food. You know what, they actually "get" it, they understand. I tend to go on more about all the foods that are really healthy for us - always concentrate on the positive ;)

Last season on Friday evenings as part of the Biggest Loser they had master classes in fitness and in food which were AMAZING!!! I really hope they are part of this season too. The aim was not only to educate the contestants but us home viewers too with great tips for healthy eating/cooking and fitness. If you can't stand the drama of the rest of the show then maybe watch a couple of these episodes as there is a lot to learn :) 

Your life is made by YOUR choices. No one elses.

What will YOU choose?

(I will choose to watch the Biggest Loser tonight! LOL!)



  1. WOW Jen what a fantastic blog post!! It is very inspiring and I can't wait to have my baby and then finally lose all the weight I put on which i still hadn't lost from Zoe!! would love to see more of this posts just to give me (and others) that push they need.

    Well done!!


  2. I'm guilty of number 4 too! We all are I think! But I'm feeling challenged now! And it's called 'sometimes food' in our house too. What I'm struggling with at the moment is how to shelter my girl from all the girls at school who (at age 7) ask if they look fat in their swim wear, and my friends who use that awful d word (diet) in front of my child - I've told her a diet just means what you eat (which it does) but it's only a matter of time before every one tells her otherwise! Would be interested to see how you shelter your children Jen?

  3. I hear you Jane. I just focus on sending the healthy living message - things like: it's important to excerise, healthy food makes you strong and helps you learn as you can concentrate better, you have more energy. I don't talk about diets etc. I'm not on one. I just live healthily. Don't get me wrong, I'm no angel, I'm a sweet tooth, but like you, it's a "sometimes" food :)

  4. Loved it jen ..really inspiring and positive thinking ..thanks for the tips i really need the boost up - at the moment i have a weakness for the "sometime" food,so going to take your advice and try it and move on :) ..great post xx

  5. Thanks Melli xx
    Thetis hun, it will happen, but you also have to enjoy your pregnancy and baby :)