Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my latest logo

I feel so very blessed to be able to work with some really talented people who are just so great in general some great friendships have formed :) This is one of those stories....

I wanted to tell you a bit about my latest logo and the lovely lady that it is for. 

Her name is Deanna Whyte and she is a WONDERFUL photographer here in Perth. 
Below are some of her beautiful images but PLEASE check out some of her work here

This was such a lovely and fun project for me :) When I met Deanna to talk about creating her logo and brand, the story of why she became a photographer "got me".
In 2009, Deanna's niece was born with global brain damage. That was the catalyst...

In her words...
"Documenting her short, beautiful life made me realise that I have something real and important to contribute. Up until that point, I considered photography to be a lot of things ~ fun, hard, interesting, fascinating, consuming, potentially a career. After Alessia was born and then lost, I realised that it was a whole lot more than that. It really is a way to freeze time, keep memories alive ~ and this is especially important when you’re not in a position to decide which things to lock into your memory centres, when those beautiful things you’re terrified you’ll forget are completely tangled up in things so heartbreaking you wish you could block them out, and when the idea of taking photos is the very farthest thing from your mind."
"This is Alessia, and she is my cherished niece, and the reason I am a photographer. Many things started me on this journey, but she put my heart in my viewfinder, and it’s her you sometimes see peeking out from behind the smiling, happy, joyous faces of the people in my photos. "

This passion is so very apparent when you talk to Deanna....and it's contagious!!!

When I asked what Deanna wanted her brand to say, this was her response:

"Beautiful imagery, fun and full of life. Joyful. I tell stories, and what I'm always looking for in a session are the middle moments, those graceful, fleeting things that pop up and disappear in-between the obvious moments. I like the obvious stuff, but it often doesn't tell the whole story; it's the skin on the outside. The unconscious stuff is the flesh and bones of the story, and that's what I chase. And I'm completely in love with love!"

There also HAD to be a butterfly in there somewhere or somehow - to symbolise Alessia.

When I started thinking about all this, the butterfly aspect just seemed to fit sooooo perfectly. Butterflies portray the innocence, the beauty, gracefulness, fleeting, fluttering moments that Deanna loves to capture, to chase.... there is joy in their wings and a freedom that is true.

So it was actually a great base for me start from. 
And this is where we ended up....

I  had in my head that I wanted to try and illustrate the fact that Deanna tells the stories of people's lives, captures moments and creates memories. Life. Faces. Feelings. The butterflies represent the "in between moments" - they fill in the gaps surrounding the silhouettes to wrap the whole thing up in love.....
The extra special thing about this logo is that straight away I thought about the sub branding to go along with it and ended up with these too...

This also allows us to speak louder with colour throughout the applications.....working on these now...
Thanks for giving me the opportunity to work on this for you Deanna, my aim was to make your logo live up to your stunning photos. Hope I have ;)



  1. Jen this logo is fantastic ! well done!

  2. Oh My! Congratulations that is absolutley amazing! I seriously held in my breath the moment i saw it! I'm so very sure Deanna LOVEEEESSS her logo!!!

  3. Jen, these are so beautiful. I teared up reading that xx

  4. I love the way you write about Dee and I think your logo captures her essence and what magic she captures in her photography. Great work!

  5. Straight from the heart Jen... well done!

  6. Thanks so much lovelies, means so much to hear that it is speaking the right language to you xxx

  7. Yay! It's perfect. I'm beyond excited, can't wait to start using it everywhere!! xox

  8. Just gorgeous Jen as usual.. well done xoxox