Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vintage high tea {baby shower}

My poor neglected blog.... I have been so busy that you have slipped by the wayside...
BUT, today I have an exciting project to write about!!

One of my gorgeous uni girlfriends is pregnant with her first baby :)

I have managed to convince her that not all baby showers need to be full of baby associated decorations and games and she is allowing me to throw her a vintage inspired high tea!

As she is a fellow designer we have been working on this together but I have a couple of surprises up my sleeve too ;)
Today we met at her Mum's place, where the event will be hosted to scope the area and talk details.

As mentioned, the theme is vintage inspired, with a secondary theme of "apples" as that is what my friend and her partner call the baby as a pet name while in utero. This fits in perfectly with our summer sorbet colour palette too!

Am sharing the inspiration board here today....


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  1. gorgeoua inspiration, cant wait to see it all x

  2. Thanks hun, can't wait to put it together :)

  3. This inspirational board is amazing Jen! I can not wait to see the end result! Attention to detail is your middle name so the presure is on hehe LOVE ur work xx

  4. LOL thanks Ves! Looking forward to it!! x