Monday, August 23, 2010

Organisation and balance

My life is busy. 

Not as busy as some others I'm sure, but busy none the less.
I am teaching 6 - 7 groups fitness classes a week, my design business is booming (whoo hoo!) I have two gorgeous girls, a wonderful husband, who has also started a business this year, I am on the Playgroup committee... Combine that with Ella's school, playgroup and dancing and the all the other usual things that come with being a mum, wife, daughter, sister, aunty, friend....I'm busy....and the coffee isn't working so well...
BUT I refuse to sink. So I have decided on a few things over the weekend to simplify and streamline life.

1) Less Facebook time. I love Facebook and find it an invaluable business tool....but probably don't need to be on there quite so much

2) Cook a few meals in one hit and freeze them so I don't panic when it hits 4.30pm and I open the freezer

3) Set aside quality time for my special people namely my husband and kids. Date nights and family time.

I CAN find balance :)


  1. Aww Jen, your family is beautiful!
    I hear you on the 'busy' just seems to be flying by so quickly & I'm often finding myself wanting MORE time to get on top of everything! Some days I feel like everything is under control & 'balanced' but most of the time finding a CONSTANT balance would be LOVELY :)
    Thanks for joining in!
    Have a great week!

  2. Wow. Yes you are busy. No doubt about that. It's so hard when you enjoy lots of things plus need to do lots of things. I also find it tricky to get the right balance. Sometimes I seem to have it and other times not at all.

    Very good idea to re-assess every now and then. Great ideas there. Lou.

  3. Gorgeous family Jen! You have more willpower then I do to even attempt to stay away from Facebook :) Good luck! x

  4. Gorgeous family! Facebook definitely is a time consumer! I loose hours in the world of facebook and blogs :) a good balance is good! Sending you 'balancing vibes'