Monday, August 9, 2010

Night owl

Are you one?
I sure am. I'm sure to a certain extent we can train our bodies to function either side of the clock but for me the hours in the night when my kids are in bed are when I get the most done :)
I've tried setting my alarm and getting up before the kids but there are two problems with that:
1) I tried it this morning but must have turned my alarm off and gone back to sleep as next thing I knew hubby had gone to work (he leaves early) and Ella, my 4 yr old was next to me wanting breakfast.

2) Sometimes I have actually managed to get up with my alarm only to have made a coffee, sat down to work and one of the kids has decided to wake up early - a common thing in our house.

So, resigning myself to being a night owl - hoot hoot!!!



  1. Happens in our house all the time..must say today the whole house slept in for the first time as we forgot to turn the Alarm on LOL ..which made us all late XX

  2. Mirell, I did it AGAIN this morning set the alarm....turned it off without even realising!!! LOL!

  3. I can totally relate! My most productive hours seem to be 10pm-3am. I've tried setting the alarm to get up early in the morning to work, but I do the same, I turn it off without realizing or my daughter wakes up early too. It's like she has a sensor, if I'm up, she's up. *Cheers! To the night owls* =)