Monday, August 30, 2010

Nesting baby shower

The gorgeous Linda from Shoot4U photography recently ordered some of my Nesting baby shower invitations (example in top left of pic below) for a shower she and some friends were throwing for another friend. We also created some cute, matching thank you tags.

The shower was yesterday and Linda has sent through some pics for me to share. Didn't they do a wonderful job? :) The adorable little boxes that the thank you tags are attached to held chocolates in all sorts of baby shapes such as bottles and prams.

Isn't the cake, modelled off the invite just terrific?

Well done girls, you carried through the theme beautifully. 

If you would like to see these and more of my baby shower invites please have a look here.



  1. that is just simply gorgeous. love it! Xx

  2. Thanks Jen You already know how gorgeous I think you are!! I love these Invites they are simple but very stylish and the colour palette was divine to work with. My girlfriend that we threw the baby shower for was so happy with it all ! Thanks again Jen for being so wonderfully talented and so awesome to work with !! Linda x

  3. OH MY love this !! ...the colors are so fantastic together:) xx

  4. Thanks girls :)

    Linda you did a wonderful job. Am so glad your friend was happy with it, why wouldn't she be, it's GORGEOUS! xx

  5. Oooooh BEAUTIFUL Jen! Lovely colours & theme!