Sunday, August 1, 2010

I implore you

to get up and get active!!!!!!!

As most of you know I have two professions that I am equally passionate about. Design and fitness.

Kind of lucky really as my design sees me sat down behind a computer - a lot!

I am blessed that my other job forces me to get up, get active and hopefully inspire others to do the same.

Exercise is like a drug for me and I needed a 'hit' this morning. Excellent, Pump class to teach :) Walked out feeling soooooo much better than I had done before.
Don't under estimate the power of a good work out people. Your body will benefit but so will your mind. 
Sometimes our minds need a break from sitting behind the computer as much as our bodies do.

So, however you do it: yoga, walking, cycling, weights, martial arts, aerobics, running, dancing, pilates

JUST MOVE! And smile :)



  1. Great post Jen, i use to do martial arts, kept me fit for years.. now i feel so unfit thats why i have started with walking and hopefully i will get back into it soon. I think i need to spend less time with my laptop and more time exercising. xx

  2. Absolutely Jen!! Love my combat (as you know) and love kicking it during attack and pump too!! It's a way of life ;)