Sunday, July 11, 2010

My cheeky chicken turns one!

Today we celebrated my youngest daughter, April's 1st birthday. It wasn't a huge affair, in fact it was basically an afternoon tea with our extended maybe I went a bit overboard...
But then again, no, I don't think you can go overboard when it comes to celebrating your children ;)

The theme, as some of you may remember from my inspiration board , was Vintage Chick(en). 'Chicken' because April is a very cheeky chicken and 'Vintage' as her name is April Rose which lends itself to a vintage styling in my mind.

The scene was set using hues of yellow and teal, perhaps not your typical colours for a little girl's first birthday but gorgeous all the same.
Needless to say there were little chicken themed decorations throughout and also carried through to the use of egg cartons in my wall decor and as serving dishes for yummy sweet treats. The sweet treats themselves also featured chicken themes with little chocolate nests holding chocolate eggs and chicken cookies. Also on the menu were: an array of yellow lollies in jars, mini lemon cheesecakes, caramel and cream biscuits, mini chocolate cupcakes, big vanilla cupcakes and of course birthday cake. The savoury yummies included chicken & salad and egg sandwiches, mini quiches, sausage rolls and a cheese and dip platter. YUMMMMMM!!

The decorations were vintage inspired and doilies featured heavily. I made my own wall decor out of them, pattie pans and egg cartons and had strings of paper ball garlands hanging from the ceiling and draped across the front of the table.

On the lollie bag table there was a basket containing mini pegs, small cards and a pen for guests to write their birthday wish for April and attach to a wonderful wish frame that my husband made, using chicken wire - to fit with the theme ;) A pretty bunch of yellow and cream roses with yellow daisies finished off the table beautifully.

It was a lovely afternoon and April charmed all our guests with her cuteness! 
I would  like to take this opportunity to publicly thanks my sister in law and Mum for their help with the food, to my Mum, Dad, bro and husband for their help getting everything ready - there is never enough time!!! Also to my hubby for humoring me with my 'over the topness' and making the lovely frame and again to my Mum for all her help -  she is simply the most amazing woman I know and I aspire to be like her. xxxxx




  1. Just gorgeous Jen!! Wouldn't expect anything less!! The birthday girl looks like she had an amazing day! :)

  2. Love it Jen, gorgeous! Beautiful photo of you and April xxx

  3. Just beautiful! Your daughter is adorable. I love the unique color palette. The egg cartons and chicken wire are perfection..The cake is so cute. It does not even look real! Perfect presentation:)

  4. Oh My! It all looks soo lovely! And so do you and your family - looove the headbands :-) Never see such a wonderfully themed party. I have a giveaway your lil chicky might like! Following your blog now too.

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  6. Jen this is amazing ..i love your theme it turned out gorgeous,i love what you did with the egg cartoons and how cute are and your girls matching...just gorgeous!!! xx
    p.s i just saw you over at Little Sooti too ...WELL DONE Sweetie

  7. Thanks so much ladies :)
    The Clip Cafe, just visited your store - gorgeous! x

  8. Oh my goodness Jen....GORGEOUS!!! You did an amazing job for April's party...well done! I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything you did :) And...the photo of you & her is just so BEAUTIFUL! You are a talented lady :)

  9. Beautiful! Photos are stunning, the theme is gorgeous and you all looked stunning! Great work xx

  10. Amazing! I thought I had an eye for detail but there is no way I would have pulled this off!

  11. This party is Beautiful, Jennifer!! LOVE IT!!

  12. What a beautiful party celebrating your beautiful 1 year old daughter!