Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

My Mother's day actually started on Wednesday when I went to Ella's Kindy for a Mother's Day morning tea. It was gorgeous, they sang songs, gave us a massage and had made lovely necklaces, cards and photo frames (in pics below) for us :)

Today it continued with cuddles, cards and pressies in bed. The pic below shows the very funky slippers that Ella hand picked and the badge that was attached to my card, also hand picked by Ella ;)

Then my lovely hubby made us delicious pancakes, as you can see, before I went off to teach a Pump class. However, on the way to said Pump class.....this is embarrassing........
I ran out of pertrol...

Hmmmmm...quite a problem considering my class was going to start in 10 mins and I had the car with both child seats in it, meaning hubby couldn't help! So, I called my Mum, and in true Mother's Day style she came to my rescue, dropped me to work and then my Dad sorted out my car. Thanks again Mum and Dad!!!!

After work we all went to the park for a lovely picnic in the sunshine. While Ella was reluctant to pause her playing to have a photo with me, I snuck one in with April and my Mum. See below.

So this evening I plan on watching my other pressie, a DVD and enjoying a wine.

I feel completely and truly blessed to have not only a wonderful Mum but two wonderful daughters to be a Mummy to.

Hope you all had lovey days too!


From top left clockwise: Yummmm pancakes, funky slippers, my Mum and I, beautiful handmade photo frame by Ella, Ella at playground, April and I

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