Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cheeky Chicken

With Ella's birthday over, my attention has now shifted to my other daughter April and her upcoming 1st birthday.

I've ummmed and ahhhhed over whether to do anything at all to celebrate but have decided, who am I kidding, of course we have to celebrate, my baby is turning one!!

So I started brainstorming what theme we should have, what "said" April.
Then it came to me, the perfect idea.
Cheeky chicken.
Soooooo appropriate for two reasons.
1) April is an extremely cheeky little girl
2) When she was born and I looked down at her for the first time "hello chicken" were my first words to her :)


However, I don't want to have chickens everywhere or for it to be too character based. Instead I have decided to to take further inspiration from the girl of the moment. April's middle name is Rose.
April Rose.
It's quite an old fashioned name.....vintage even...??

And there we have it, the theme will be Vintage Chick(en)

I don't know what exactly we will be doing and how big it will be but I know what it will look like and here is my inspiration board.


  1. Gorgeous. And I just love your brainstorming.

  2. love your inspiration board. in fact, loving your whole blog! thanks for the follow on mine xx