Monday, May 31, 2010

Cupcakes for Cancer

Not long ago a dear friend of mine's husband was diagnosed with cancer. Horrible and sad news to hear :( Treatment is underway and with all the support, love and positive vibes that are being sent their way we are sure he will fight this and win!
It seems everyone has been touched by cancer in some way, shape or form and because of this so many are willing to get behind events such as May's Biggest Morning Tea

Not one to do things by halves or to take things laying down, my gorgeous friend organised a fundraising event like no other. Cupcakes for Cancer was an amazing event held last Thursday, which my girls and I attended.

This girl knows how to do things in style (Pics are below). Cancer council's colours of yellow and white featured throughout with flowers and a canopy of balloons and streamers cascading down through the middle of the room. There were kid height tables set up with, yellow table cloths and small white bowls full of every conceivable topping for a cupcake you could ever think of, along with bowls of brightly coloured icing. Cupcake stands full of cupcakes were just waiting to be decorated.
With aprons on the kids were "let loose" and made some cupcake masterpieces.
Of course the main reason for all this was to fundraise and as well as having a donation booklet there was a raffle that also matched the theme which was a hamper full of cupcake goodies. There was also information sheets to take home about "where the money goes" done up in cute little scrolls.

There was a hand washing station for the kids which was actually a great novelty, Ella washed her hands about 5 times!

When it was time to go there were even take away containers for the cupcakes we'd decorated with cancer council stickers and yellow ribbon to finish them off.

It was a wonderful afternoon and the main thing was we raised some money!
I had to share as I think my friend is just amazing, to do all this is one thing, but to do with the turmoil of your husband going through treatment - not to mention with two kids in tow, is inspirational.

I urge you all to donate!!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Buzz, buzz...

With talk of an upcoming first birthday party with a bee theme I thought I'd give you a sneak peak at another one of my ranges. This one is called Garden Bee :)

Although I haven't officially launched all my invitation ranges yet (it won't be long!!), if you need an invitation soon I may just have something that will suit your party or there is always the custom design option...


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cheeky Chicken

With Ella's birthday over, my attention has now shifted to my other daughter April and her upcoming 1st birthday.

I've ummmed and ahhhhed over whether to do anything at all to celebrate but have decided, who am I kidding, of course we have to celebrate, my baby is turning one!!

So I started brainstorming what theme we should have, what "said" April.
Then it came to me, the perfect idea.
Cheeky chicken.
Soooooo appropriate for two reasons.
1) April is an extremely cheeky little girl
2) When she was born and I looked down at her for the first time "hello chicken" were my first words to her :)


However, I don't want to have chickens everywhere or for it to be too character based. Instead I have decided to to take further inspiration from the girl of the moment. April's middle name is Rose.
April Rose.
It's quite an old fashioned name.....vintage even...??

And there we have it, the theme will be Vintage Chick(en)

I don't know what exactly we will be doing and how big it will be but I know what it will look like and here is my inspiration board.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wings, wands and sparkles

After months of thinking, dreaming about and planning, today was my eldest daughter Ella's 4th birthday party. I'm sitting here overdosing on left over cake and reliving what a wonderful day it was through the photos so wanted to share - the photos, sorry the cake is gone ;) You can click on the images below to enlarge.

Enchanted Fairy Woodland was the theme, chosen by Ella (and maybe suggested by Mummy? :) ).

This year Ella is at Kindy so was the first time she had the chance to invite 'school friends' which was very cute.
The theme started with the invitations...

...and continued with setting the scene...
With hanging tissue paper pom poms, butterflies and stars, sweeping drapes from the ceiling and a great wall 'scene setter' we certainly did set the woodland fairy scene!

There was plenty of yummy party food all made to match the theme from the classic fairy bread cut into love hearts, to ladybug cupcakes and mini teacups.

I made Ella's costume, one I've dreamed of making ever since I had her I think LOL! She picked the colours which lead to the theme of everything else. Of course my little April had to have her own fairy outfit too and yes.....that's me, also dressed up as a fairy....

We had great fun playing games, collecting coins the tooth fairy dropped outside, musical toadstools, pass the parcel, musical statues, egg and spoon race and then we finished off by all making special fairy wishes with magical fairy dust and a special fairy rhyme.

Then after singing happy birthday and cake it came to an end with all the fairies and elves taking their tooth fairy coin collections and bag full of lollies and goodies (including their own little container of fairy dust) with them.

I hope all the kids had as much fun as I did. Plenty of smiles and no tears would suggest so.
Ella loved it and that's main thing :) for April's first birthday in July....


Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers Day!

My Mother's day actually started on Wednesday when I went to Ella's Kindy for a Mother's Day morning tea. It was gorgeous, they sang songs, gave us a massage and had made lovely necklaces, cards and photo frames (in pics below) for us :)

Today it continued with cuddles, cards and pressies in bed. The pic below shows the very funky slippers that Ella hand picked and the badge that was attached to my card, also hand picked by Ella ;)

Then my lovely hubby made us delicious pancakes, as you can see, before I went off to teach a Pump class. However, on the way to said Pump class.....this is embarrassing........
I ran out of pertrol...

Hmmmmm...quite a problem considering my class was going to start in 10 mins and I had the car with both child seats in it, meaning hubby couldn't help! So, I called my Mum, and in true Mother's Day style she came to my rescue, dropped me to work and then my Dad sorted out my car. Thanks again Mum and Dad!!!!

After work we all went to the park for a lovely picnic in the sunshine. While Ella was reluctant to pause her playing to have a photo with me, I snuck one in with April and my Mum. See below.

So this evening I plan on watching my other pressie, a DVD and enjoying a wine.

I feel completely and truly blessed to have not only a wonderful Mum but two wonderful daughters to be a Mummy to.

Hope you all had lovey days too!


From top left clockwise: Yummmm pancakes, funky slippers, my Mum and I, beautiful handmade photo frame by Ella, Ella at playground, April and I