Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pretty in pink

Morning :)

Well I now have some girl's birth announcements up on my Facebook page to add to the boys ones that were already there :)
have a look at

However, as a result, it was a late night and then an early morning rise, courtesy of my youngest daughter * yawn*...... two coffees later, I am off to teach Pump and RPM - BRING IT!

So today I leave you with a sample of my work and these words from Stephanie Dowrick.....

"Use your imagination to create
moments of respite.
Take yourself somewhere beautiful
in your mind.
Breathe in that beauty.
Breathe out - and feel refreshed."


  1. Just stunning Jen!! I am adding you to my blog love list!! Are you on MSN at all? I'd like to give you a buzz and chat thru some things!! ♥

  2. Hi Gill :)
    Nope, not on MSN :( Happy for you to call me on 0421124062 or email me at