Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I have found some true inspiration for how I want to grow my business. There is one problem....time. It is going to take some time to set it all up.....
However, I have decided that if I want to do this properly then it is worth the time investment. 
So while I'll still be happy to work on any jobs for people as and when they are needed, the bigger picture for Jennifer Birkhead Designs is in the wings... just waiting to be unveiled when the time is right....stay tuned ;)


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Whoo hoo, have just figured out how to create a gallery on here :) Have a look, there will be more to come soon!!
...oh coffee, my dear friend...... I can see us getting even better acquainted this week!

Hope you are all having a nice weekend :)


Friday, March 26, 2010


Am hoping April has a nice long sleep so I can get some of these ideas out of my head and out into the world for you all to see :)  I'm too impatient LOL!
Next project is designing a kid's party invitation range.
....oh but there are soooooooo any other ideas too......

on that note, some more wise words from Stephanie Dowrick...

"Love your life.
Do what makes your heart sing.
Learn something new that stimulates you. 
Or gives you peace.
Spend time with people who lift your spirits." 

Jen xx

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pretty in pink

Morning :)

Well I now have some girl's birth announcements up on my Facebook page to add to the boys ones that were already there :)
have a look at

However, as a result, it was a late night and then an early morning rise, courtesy of my youngest daughter * yawn*...... two coffees later, I am off to teach Pump and RPM - BRING IT!

So today I leave you with a sample of my work and these words from Stephanie Dowrick.....

"Use your imagination to create
moments of respite.
Take yourself somewhere beautiful
in your mind.
Breathe in that beauty.
Breathe out - and feel refreshed."

Friday, March 19, 2010


....and so I enter the world of blogging! I am new to this so be patient with me :P
I look forward to sharing with you my new designs, inspirations and experiences.

Thanks for visiting, be sure to c
ome back soon and become a Fan on my Facebook page