Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

What a lovely Christmas we've had! Children certainly do add a truly magical element to the season. The excitement was abounding! I have loved every minute of this special time and spending it with my family... I am a little disappointed it's all over for another year....

We hosted Boxing Day at our place this year and it was a great excuse for me to put together a simple little dessert table ;)
Limited by time and space, some of my ideas weren't possible but I think it looked cute anyway and seemed to be a hit!  Of course the whole theme was based on one of my Christmas tags that I used as a base for an invitation.

Thought I'd share :)


The lead up to Christmas

We had two advent calendars this year. One had a smartie each everyday. The other had a note each day and each day the note had a new task/activity/outing/treat that was christmas related. From singing Christmas carols, to making Christmas cards, to going to see Santa  there was plenty to do!

This was really for the benefit of my 4.5yr old and she loved it!
Thought I would share some pics of some of the activities :)

Ice magic Christmas trees in ice cream for dessert

 Letter to Santa

 Christmas cards
 Christmas movie night
 Presents for teachers
 Gingerbread reindeer!
 White chocolate crackle Christmas trees
 Gingerbread house
 Making Christmas crackers
Leaving snacks for Santa

It was a lovely way to countdown to Christmas and something we will definitely do again next year!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Christmas at my house

Well the tree has been up for a week now and we are well and truly getting into the spirit of Christmas!!

Thought I'd share with you a peek at what Christmas looks like at my place :)
Hmmmm...coincidence that the colour palette is like that of Jennifer Birkhead Design? ;)

The color pallette will flow through to a boxing day celebration we are hosting.


Monday, December 6, 2010

Little Sooti, for perfect little parties

The first blog to ever feature any of my work was the very gorgeous Little Sooti here.
I was BEYOND ecstatic that such a VERY cool blog such as Little Sooti wanted to share my work!

The lovely lady behind Little Sooti is Thetis Sardo and over the last few months she has been a great supporter of mine and I have come to know the very sweet person she is :) 

When Thetis asked me to redesign her Little Sooti logo, business card and website I was both honoured and excited!!! What a FANTASTIC project!!!

Well today is the day that it has all come together with the launch of the Little Sooti website!!

What a great website it is too! A one stop shop for your party needs with the added appeal of stocking Jennifer Birkhead Design invitations!!! ;)

I thought I would put together an example of how, on this one site, you could find all you need to put together a gorgeous baby shower using one of my designs :)

But wait there's MORE!!! As a launch special Thetis is offering 10% off and free postage!!!
So what are you waiting for? Get shopping!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Dreaming of sugar plum fairies

Let's go back to the very beginning.....

In May this year my eldest daughter turned 4 and we threw her a fairy party. (You may have seen it here )

Of course I searched the web for inspiration in the months/weeks leading up to it but didn't find the amazing Woodland fairy party by the one and only Kate Landers, until after the event. As a first introduction to Kate's work it was both appropriate timing and awe inspiring. I remember my comment on her blog post was simply "WOW!" 

From that moment I have been a HUGE fan of Kate's and the ever inspiring parties she creates. I was lucky enough to make contact with her over the next few months and it turned out Kate liked some of my work. In fact she featured my youngest daughter's party, from July this year, on her other blog Stylish Children's Parties here. What a HUGE honour that was!

We stayed in touch and I got to know the truly BEAUTIFUL, GENEROUS and TALENTED woman that Kate is :) Not only is her work amazing but so is she.

So at the mere mention of working with her I was JUMPING out of my SKIN!
When she revealed that she was going to be working on a Nutcracker themed party and would like for me to create the invitations and other paper goods, I had died and gone to HEAVEN!!

With two little girls of my own, one who dances, and a slight dance history of my own, this could not have been a more perfect and exciting project for me to work on! I knew that whatever Kate would create would be fabulous, so also knew that I had to create something special. Love a challenge ;)

With guidance from Kate on what she was thinking, we decided the unobvious approach was the one to take. No ballerinas or Christmas trees to be seen. Instead, an array of precious desserts - they would play a big part in the party set up also. 

What was particularly nice for me was I got to do some "real" artwork instead of computer based drawing and put pencil to pad to come up with the sweet treats.

The only other hint at the theme was a little "mouse king" I created. (One of my favourite elements!)

I was aware of parts of Kate's plan for the party, that she revealed excitedly to me along the way, but I knew I would be blown away by the final product when I saw it. Of course I wasn't disappointed! 

There were some very talented people that were all a part of this STUNNING party and you can see more details here. When it come to details, Kate is a master and you really must have a look at her full post for all of them :)

It was a PLEASURE and DELIGHT to work on this project with Kate and I am really happy with what I created for her. I hope you like it too!!

If you think you would like to host a Nutcracker themed party after viewing all this eye candy, then the printable range I created would be perfect!! It includes:


Food labels

Name tags

Gift tags

Of course other items to match can be arranged if you so desire. If you are interested please email me at 

Also, to match the range, I have created a set of Gift Tags to co ordinate! So if you want to create a bit of 'sugar plum magic' without the party, you can!

These come in a pack of 15, 5 of each design, for a cost of $7.50 (AU) and as a little Christmas gift I am offering free postage within Australia.

Please email me to order at

So there you have it, my spin on the GORGEOUS Nutcracker Ballet party by Kate, to whom I am forever thankful, for allowing me to be a part of it.